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Sample Book Proposals

If a literary agent responds to your query letter, he/she will want a non-fiction book proposal. Query letters can take different forms but will all contain basic elements.
Unlike query letters, actual copies of book proposals are difficult to find. Feel free to utilize this pdf copy of my last proposal.
 A book proposal can be lengthy. My last proposal was 32 pages. Jane Friedman gives a helpful outline for a non-fiction book proposal.
Mary Embree, of, gives a great overview of the necessary elements of a non-fiction proposal.
Alan Rinzler provides a good idea of these basic elements when he details what publishers want
Michael Snell has good outline of the basic parts of  a book proposal.
Fiction writers may not need a book proposal. If the query letter gets a response from an agent, a complete manuscript may be the next thing the agent wants. So if you are writing a novel, don't send out queries until your manuscript is complete and ready to send. At the same time, be ready to send a book proposal if requested. Fiction book proposals are different than non-fiction proposals. A good overview of a fiction book proposal is found at: 
You are welcome to follow the pdf format of one of my book proposals here.
*A good place to find a downloadable non-fiction and fiction book proposal template is Cost is $19.97 each or both for $29.94. Michael Hyatt (former CEO for Thomas Nelson Publishers), has added updated information reflecting evolving changes in the publishing industry. There are also several helpful Websites (links listed above) that offer basic outlines for book proposals at no charge. 
Check out some Sample Query Letters.

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                                 Updated July 29, 2014