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How To Self-Publish

This is not rocket surgery. Ready?

1. Buy your own ISBN ($125 for one; $295 for ten) If you, as a self- 
    publisher, don't own the ISBN, you will lose money. 
2. Get your manuscript professionally edited (1 to 5 cents per word). 

3. Get your cover professionally designed front and back (2-500$)

4. Get your content (book interior) professionally laid out. Old-timers call it "typesetting." (2-500$)

5. Get it printed for less than online publishers charge (using the same printer—yes, really!).

6. Get your title listed with Ingram and Bowker Books In Print. 
7. Get 'em delivered to your door and sell 'em.

I can show you how to do all of the above yourself and save money. There are a precious few publishers out there who will let you do all of the above, starting with using your own ISBN. I know who they are. I have published with two of them.

Where do I start Ted? Pick one of the few publishers I recommend on the Author Resource Links page (I highly recommend or  Once your manuscript is edited, upload it to the publisher of your choice (they will tell you how). You will be led through the process right up to moment your books arrive at your doorstep. You will not sign a contract with either publisher listed above or any publisher I recommend.

FAQ: What is approximate cost for a 150 page, 5½ x 8½ book? 
$600-$750 for 100  books delivered to your door. That figure includes cover design and interior layout. Much more than that means you paid more than necessary (Add $300 to $500 for a basic edit, depending on page/word count). The first 100 books will cost more—reprints will be cheaper. If your first print order is 200-300 books, cost per book goes down.

There is a little more to it than that—but not much. And you can get all this done without signing a contract. You just order and pay for each service as you go along. As I said, I can identify the few publishers who will let you do just that.

♦ Learn the difference between Traditional versus self-publishing.

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Updated December 2, 2017