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GET PUBLISHED Without Getting Ripped Off
Stop vanity publishers in their tracks. How?
Buy your own ISBN.

Authors who plan to self-publish can buy their own ISBNs 
without being incorporated. In other words, you don't have to
start your own publishing company.
You can self-publish your book without signing a contract and print for less with the same printer most vanity publishers use. How? Buy your own ISBN. Result: you enjoy 100% of the profits and control all the rights to your book (including the publishing rights*). 
*Bottom line $Bonus: Owning the publishing rights means you can print for up to 50% less at the same printer used by publishers like Author House, Xlibris, Iuniverse, Xulon Press and the list goes on.
Red Flag: You forfeit your publishing rights when you buy a vanity publisher's package with a "unique ISBN." Don't fall for the package deal—that unique ISBN won't be yours and it will cost you dearly. To make matters worse: if you don't own the ISBN, you won't own the publishing rights to your book and you will not be a self-published author. You will just be another victim of the vanity press trap (paying too much for a so-so book). A vanity publisher's profit hinges on convincing you to use their "assigned" ISBN. Don't do it.
Big red flagno distributor will touch your book if you don't own the ISBN. You will be on your own.
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"Hey publisher guy. I'm using my own ISBN—deal with it. 
If you won't let me use my own ISBN, I'll find a publisher who will."

♦♦ I won't publish your book, but I will show you how to do it yourself. 
Here you can learn to do four critical things:
(1)  Uncover secrets online publishers don't want you to know.  
(2)  Self-publish your book at a reasonable cost (and maintain complete control).
(3)  Bypass vanity publishers and self-publish your book without signing a contract.
(4) can GO FOR THE GOLD (a book deal with a traditional publisher).

Important reminder to authors who want to self-publish:
A vanity publisher will not let you use your own ISBN to self-publish your book. They all want to assign one to you. There is no such thing as an "assigned" ISBN. If they provide the ISBN, it is not yours—it's theirs and you will lose money. How? The ISBN will identify your title sure enough, but it will also identify the vanity outfit as the publisher of record which means you will pay them up to twice as much just to print your book (printing goes through the publisher). Buy your own ISBN and you become the publisher and own all the profits from your book sales.
An "assigned" ISBN means that publisher will pocket money on every book you print from now on (and they won't have a dime invested in your work—you will pay for everything). By the way, inflated retail pricing is how these vanity folks make most of their money along with selling you unnecessary services you don't really need. I'm a broken record—buy your own ISBN and you can set the retail price for your book.
I'll say it again: buy your own ISBN and kick vanity publishers to the curb. You can self-publish a book that meets modern publishing industry standards, without sacrificing quality, without signing a contract and without getting a second mortgage.
I can tell you which companies will let you use your own ISBN. There aren't many of them, but they are the good guys. In short, those who will not let you use your own ISBN are after one thing: your money. Those who will let you use your own ISBN want to help you publish a quality book at a fair price. You can find the few I recommend on the Author Resource Links page.

This Website is chuck full of self-publishing help. If you don't find the information you need, email me and I'll find it for you at no charge (no strings attached).
It's your book. Don't be rushed.
speed writer.gif 
 Never allow a vanity publisher to pressure you to send money because "the offer ends tomorrow." (He will tell someone else the same thing the day after tomorrow.)

"But Ted, I can get a whole package for $999." Yes you can, but read the fine print. That will get you an "assigned" ISBN, cover design and interior layout, and a total of 10 free (unedited) books. For that same amount of money, you can get free cover design, free interior layout, your own ISBN and at least 150 edited books. (That $999 vanity publisher package does not include editing or shipping). Always be ready to pay more, and get less, with a package deal. 
I can direct you to the few publishers who will treat you right and  I'll steer you away from publishers who will help you max out your credit cards with unnecessary services you don't need. 
If you dream of a contract with a traditional publisher:
I'll critique and help you tweak your (one-page only) query letter, then look at your book proposal and offer suggestions.
*(Included with paid personal coaching service)    
 *Personal coaching service includes personal help beginning with how to put your manuscript into Word, to finished books shipped to your door or...I can show you how to properly pursue a book deal with a traditional publisher (all for a one-time $40 investment).

Spring and summer special rate: Coaching is only $40!*

I will show you which publishers to avoid and which publishers will provide affordable, professional publishing services without requiring you to sign a contract. I will help you safely navigate what Ron Pramschufer calls "the self-publishing minefield."
*If I don't save you serious money, I will gladly refund every penny. I enjoy helping new authors avoid the vanity press trap
A good place to start your free DIY research is:
The Should I self-publish? page. It will give you a quick overview of your publishing options. Remember: self-publishing your book will not hinder you from landing a traditional publishing contract later on. 

Read why at: Traditional Publishing Versus Self-publishing.
Read the simple steps to self-publish your book on the How to Self-publish page.

Then go to
First Things First
and take the first step on your journey to become a published author. Very few first-time authors take this step. Successful people have one unique attribute: they are willing to do what others never get around to. 
Updated July 23, 2014