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Publish your own book
(and keep all the profits)
Go for that book deal with a traditional publisher.
Lean everthing you need to know about getting your manuscript professionally published in my new book... 
GET PUBLISHED Without Getting Ripped Off
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1. Armed with the right information, you can
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2. You can learn the proper steps to securing a
literary agent who will help you land
a book deal with a traditional publisher...
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Understand from the outset...
You don't need to sign a contract
to self-publish your book...ever.
Stop vanity publishers in their tracks. How?
Buy your own ISBN.

Authors who plan to self-publish can buy their own ISBNs 
without being incorporated. In other words, you don't have to
start your own publishing company.
*Bottom line Bonus: Buying and using your own ISBN means you will own the publishing rights to your book and that means you can print for up to 50% less at the same printer used by publishers like Author House, Xlibris, Iuniverse, Xulon Press and the list goes on.
Red Flag: You forfeit your publishing rights when you buy a vanity publisher's package with a "unique ISBN." Don't fall for the package deal—that unique ISBN won't be yours and it will cost you dearly. To make matters worse: if you don't own the ISBN, you won't own the publishing rights to your book and you will not be a self-published author. You will just be another victim of the vanity press trap (paying too much for a so-so book). A vanity publisher's profit hinges on convincing you to use their "assigned" ISBN. Don't do it. Buy your own ISBNs.
Big red flagNo distributor will touch your book if you don't own the ISBN. You will be on your own.
image002 (1).jpg
"Hey publisher guy. I'm using my own ISBN...period. 
If you won't let me use my own ISBN, I'll find a publisher who will. 
 Get over it." 

 Any self-publisher can buy ISBNs directly from Bowker, the official dispenser of ISBNs in the U.S. (You don't need to buy the barcode—your cover designer will provide the barcode).

Home Page

Publish your own book
(and keep all the profits)
Go for that book deal with a traditional publisher.
Here you can learn to do four critical things:
(1) Uncover secrets online publishers don't want you to know.
(2) Self-publish your book at a reasonable cost (and maintain complete control).
(3) Bypass vanity publishers and self-publish your book without signing a contract.
(4) can GO FOR THE GOLD (a book deal with a traditional publisher). You won't need your own ISBN if you get a book deal.
If you dream of a contract with a traditional publisher:
I'll critique and help you tweak your (one-page only) query letter, then look at your book proposal and offer suggestions.
*(Included with paid personal coaching service)    
 *Personal coaching service ($25) includes personal help beginning with your manuscript in Word, to finished books shipped to your door  
I can show you steps to a book deal with a traditional publisher.
For a limited time, with paid coaching service,
I'll throw in a free, postpaid copy of my new book,
GET PUBLISHED Without Getting Ripped Off.
I can show you which publishers to avoid and which publishers will provide affordable, professional publishing services without requiring you to sign a contract. I will help you safely navigate what Ron Pramschufer calls "the self-publishing minefield."
A good place to start your free DIY research is:
The Should I self-publish? page. It will give you a quick overview of your publishing options. Remember: self-publishing your book will not hinder you from landing a traditional publishing contract later on. 

Read why at: Traditional Publishing Versus Self-publishing.
Read the simple steps to self-publish your book on the How to Self-publish page.

Then go to
First Things First
and take the first step on your journey to become a published author. Very few first-time authors take this step. Successful people have one unique attribute: they are willing to do what others never get around to. 
Updated April 1, 2015