Christian Writers' Link

Books of inspiration are in a class all their own. Christian book sales make up a significant part of the book market in general. According to Bookstats, a 2010 survey by two major trades groups indicated sales in the religion market at that time totaled $1.35 billion.
Total book sales in 2011 were 27.2 billion dollars, according to Publishers Weekly magazine. Do the math. The Christian book market is 5% of the total. That means 1 of every twenty books bought by the public is Christian in genre, whether fiction or non-fiction.
While I favor self-publishing over traditional publishing, the growing market share of Christian books makes traditional publishing with a Christian publisher a worthy pursuit. Check out this link listing Christian book publishing companies that accept query letters from Christian authors.
There are three reputable lists where Christian writers can upload their book proposals. A few traditional publishers periodically scan these lists looking for new books with potential. (They pay a fee to have access to the list.) The cost for authors to be listed is $95-$99 every six months. Some writers have been picked up from these lists. You are required to submit a book proposal (not a full manuscript) to be listed. I'm not a big fan of this vehicle. Here are the direct links:

Updated August 15, 2016