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       Don't Let A Publisher 
               Rush You!

  Don't let a vanity publisher pressure
 you to sign a contract or send money because "the offer ends tomorrow."There's nothing special about that "special offer."

                  $99 ISBN & barcode
            (if you print with *
        *One of the few publishers I recommend.
                    (Authorized Bowker agent)

Find A Self-Publisher

*Short list of true self-publishing companies (facilators) found below. They will help you publish your book and you won't sign a contract.
After several years of writing and re-writing, the average author is  ready for the next step and asks, "What do I do now?" I  thoroughly explored the self-publishing process before publishing my first manuscript. I learned more than I ever anticipated, including a number of pitfalls and snags to avoid.
I almost went with a smooth-talking vanity publisher.

Traditional publishers
(like Random House, Simon & Schuster or Thomas J. Nelson) will not be interested in your manuscript unless your name is Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter, or Billy Graham. The real challenge is finding a publisher who is willing to work with you to produce a quality, self-published book.

During my research, I discovered a handful of honest publishers who sincerely want to help first-time authors get their books in print. Knowing the answers to a few basic questions will help you join forces with a publisher you can trust to produce your book professionally and economically.

If you self-publish, do not, I repeat, do not click on any link online that says, "Find a publisher,
" or "Find Your Publisher." After extracting your name and contact information, they will give you 1 to 4 choices, all of which will be vanity publishers and the calls and emails will start rolling in.

*If you have a potential publisher in mind, email me and I will give you the lowdown on that publisher or, you can ask any prospective publisher if you can use your own ISBN.  A "No," means vanity publisher—a "Yes," means you are talking to one of the good guys who will treat you right.

You want a publisher who:

will let you use your own ISBN.

♦  will show all prices up front for editing, text 
   layout, cover
 design, bar code (no more than $25), 
   Ingram database
 listing, and printing.

  will be upfront and honest about the fact that you,
   the author, 
are totally responsible for marketing and
your book, and will gladly provide a
   list of marketing resources.        

  is accessible by phone, toll free, anytime you have a 
    question during the publishing process.

♦  can provide digital printing for small runs (500 or less)
   but will print offset for larger runs.

♦  will sell you a CD with basic book files ($25-$50). Print- ready 
files may cost more.

♦  will let you set the retail price for your book.

will send you a proof of your book for final inspection 
   before going to press.

will not rush you during the publishing process. 

*Here is a short list of self-publishing companies (facilitators) I have found to be transparent and honest in their dealings with authors (and they meet the above criteria):  *See banner link at bottom of page. Very competitive pricing. Staff is deep in publishing experience and know-how. Helped me self-publish my first book. Top quality.  Free cover and layout if you print at least 100 books with them. Printed my book in 2011, YOU HAVE ENOUGH FAITH, Stop Asking for More, and my latest book, GET PUBLISHED Without Getting Ripped Off, February, 2015.  First-rate Christian books publisher.  Print-ready files required. (Digital printing only) Great pricing.  Full-service printer and publisher. Talk to Nathaniel Lanzer, Sue Bray, or Tim Leonhart
*There are a few more true self-publishers than those mentioned  above. I have personally communicated with the companies listed and found them to be refreshingly candid. produced my first book and produced my latest book (great quality and both with my own ISBNs).

 Remember, as a self-publisher, you are totally responsible for Book Marketing.   

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Updated July 16, 2017